Special Support Services

Intelligent Decisions is aware of the need for just-in-time activities in support of installations/ deployments, upgrades and vulnerability remediation for re-occurring and ad-hoc events. Our team is performing these activities within a Civilian agency today. Every year, the General Support Systems that we maintain have one third of their security controls re-assessed and a complete re-assessment completed every three years. As part of this effort, we remediate any findings of the audits. 

Additionally, our team routinely presents at various client events such as the monthly work groups and annual conferences.  For these presentations, we provide technical training as well as demonstrations for various services that we are performing / have installed for the client. One example of this is a demonstration for reporting tool used by a client. This client requested a demonstration of the reporter tool for data as it relates to their environment and their end-user web browsing behavior. Our team developed a method to present this data on-site using live feeds and real-time data from the database that we maintain for this environment. In addition, specific accounts were created so that they could only see statistics as it relates to their environment and we enabled connectivity across their internal network to facilitate the meeting within their environment. This was conducted for the CIO and all of her direct reports.

For another client, Intelligent Decisions continuously conducts monthly project reviews where the focus of the meeting is on current deployments, recent upgrades and maintenance activities and any issues that arise and their resolution. For the large databases that we maintain within this environment, we provide support for ancillary databases that either pull information from the environment that we support or are the source of data our systems pull to create a consolidated view. Due to the integration and our current involvement, we are often called on to help assess those environments and work with the various system owners to remediate any negative findings.

Using the proven approach, our team is well equipped to provide support services for re-occurring as well as ad-hoc activities within our client's specific environments. We also have significant experience working with outside entities to ensure that the overall solution meets business objectives. Additionally, our team understands the highly integrated nature of technology; even though an issue might not be our own, we work with cognizant organizations toward achieving the resolution that is critical to the correct operation of the system / environment.