Soldier Training System

With the Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS), a Program of Record with the United States Army, Intelligent Decisions is developing a virtual training system that uses a combination of sensors on the soldier’s body and on a realistic weapon to convert movements into the virtual training scenario. Squads of 9 soldiers  work together through a world that can be converted into any terrain, weather, or combat scenario. Squads can also be networked together for larger, more robust scenarios.

Not only is the system cost-effective and often easier than running live scenarios, it also records all of the soldier's actions during any given scenario. These dynamic tools allow an instructor or squad leader to visualize where the soldiers are looking, what they were aiming at, or actions they may have missed. Scenarios can be re-run immediately if need be, or changed on the fly allowing for a truly dynamic tool. The entire system is shipped in cases that make it easily transportable.