Design Engineering

Intelligent Decisions has a successful track record implementing a structured SDLC process for network design, engineering and security testing and adapting this proven process to specific ITSS-4 WPR requirements. This SDLC method uses practices from IEEE standards and results in a methodical requirements-orientated process with published design and testing results to be provided as deliverables.

Integration procedures will be created based on an ITIL release management structure that will control the scope of integration, ensure integration progress and milestones are communicated to all stakeholders, and mandate performance and function verification. Integration procedures will create deliverables such as implementation plans and project plans that, when used in conjunction with the Configuration Management Database, will ensure successful integration.

In addition, our team has deployed the modular network block model using the SDLC successfully at the enterprise level for the Department of Justice, specifically the deployment of the Trusted Internet Connectivity (TIC) and DMZ services layer, and the ongoing data center-wide redesign efforts. Intelligent Decisions assisted our clients in reducing the number of infrastructure devices by virtualizing multiple devices into application specific Cisco Firewall Services Module and Application Control Engine contexts, remove multiple, single points of failure, and improve application/service response time.