Data Exchange

Many of our clients have complex environments requiring stringent policies and defined procedures to enable them to operate and communicate effectively both internally and externally. There is a need for multiple electronic data exchange formats to be implemented and managed appropriately. Intelligent Decisions has extensive experience in data exchange throughout various agencies, including LDAP, FTP, SQL, XML, EDI, SMTP, and others. Our team has developed and documented procedures within many agencies environments for performing electronic data exchange according to stringent requirements and industry standards and will bring this knowledge to bear for the ITSS-4 specific WPR’s. Our experience enables us to provide and support electronic interfaces between component hosted environments, our clients and other third parties.

Intelligent Decisons has developed a number of electronic data exchange projects across these agencies providing us invaluable experience to bring to the ITSS-4 vehicle and subsequently all agencies. As an example, our team designed and developed a new FTP solution for the client. This solution uses the inherent capability of a web proxy environment and is available for all  to use as an FTP proxy solution to exchange data with entities outside of the agency. Our team has also worked with the CTO’s office to enable the MyFX file transferring solution to use  identity credentials via the Virtual Directory System (VDS). By enabling this integration, the MyFX application owners were no longer responsible for account provisioning and maintenance, end-users had one less username / password to remember and users had one less entity to coordinate with when an end-user left their organization.

For a subsequent environment, our team established a cloud-based service infrastructure by centralizing two geographically diverse data centers where we replicate the back end storage between sites every 4 hours to ensure minimal data loss in the event of a catastrophic failover to the DR site. These failover processes are completely automated given enhanced Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and even smaller Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).

Finally, our team has extensive experience updating and maintaining the most pervasive of all electronic data exchanges within these agencies, SMTP, which enables e-mail transmission. We have designed and built Microsoft Exchange 2007 environments, including the USTP environment where we implemented an Active/Passive Exchange 2007 server environment using a Windows 2008 cluster enabling us to provide highly redundant service and data protection.