Data Center Operations Management

Intelligent Decisions has demonstrated the ability to maintain large complex database environments designed to meet and exceed stringent business service performance requirements. Our team has used proactive measures and refined processes to maintain 100% uptime for our client's critical system over the past six years. In additiona, we will use these proven methodologies to maintain various system environments on the ITSS-4 vehicle.

Our team has significant experience in developing custom reports for a multitude of Civilian and DoD clients where we currently maintain large and complex databases. For example, we currently monitor over 150 different interfaces for a DoD client and report on them on a daily basis. This is being accomplished through use of sophisticated transmission tracking tools and alert systems tailored to the way our client does business. All of the systems we have deployed continually detect transmission failures discovered in production, notify all key parties, and resolve the failure within 24 hours for at least 98% of software transmissions.

Intelligent Decisions is responsible for the certification and accreditation of several environments for a client where database security controls are paramount with multiple applications and collaboration data being stored. Enterprise applications such as MDS, Data at Rest (DAR), BES, Reporting and Logging solution databases and provision systems are maintained within this environment. Intelligent Decisions is also responsible for certification and accreditation of multiple database environments within a law enforcement agency. These databases contain personal identifiable information that requires an increased level of security.