Campus LAN Administration

Intelligent Decisions helped to define the architecture for a building within a Civilian agency. This campus area network will support unified communications through a fault tolerant design and infrastructure with QoS, Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF’s), Network Access Control (NAC) and Unified Management. Intelligent Decisions was responsible for the design and implementation of this network.

Our team is currently finalizing the network design which includes a standard implementation of 24 Access Switches (6509’s) for support of desktops and Voice Over IP.  This design will provide Layer 3 connectivity to the desktop for faster route convergence and a more robust solution for an eventual unified communications environment. ID will also incorporate this infrastructure into the environment that we developed for this agency. This management infrastructure is integrated with ACS and Active Directory as a central identity store for credentials as well as RSA for a strong two factor authentication mechanism. In addition, this environment provides device management and monitoring. ID Network Engineers have successfully implemented an enterprise network at the agency with a hierarchical management model, introducing role based access for each Network Device Group. The design was done with LMS-ACS-AD integration to follow password policy requirements for user accounts. The final solution was deployed to leverage features to the maximum extent to include:

  • A centralized system for sharing device information across all LAN management applications, improving manageability, and increasing system wide awareness of network changes
  • Network discovery, topology views, end-station tracking, and VLAN management
  • Real-time network fault analysis with easy-to-deploy, device-specific, best-practice templates
  • Hardware and software inventory management, centralized configuration tools, and syslog monitoring
  • Monitoring and tracking of network response time and availability
  • Real-time device and link management, as well as port traffic management, analysis, and reporting
  • A flexible Web portal for launching and navigating network management functionality
  • A workflow engine that provides step-by-step wizards for system setup and device troubleshooting
  • Configuration Compliance Management