Automated Testing

Intelligent Decisions developed the DISA Air Mobility Test Suite as a modular framework for testing different components of networks, telecommunications, voice and IP Security. The Test Suite has several modules which accomplish these functions. Each test suite is a combination of software and hardware that is customizable to meet on-the-ground business practices. Each module is extended using custom work lows that match the requirements of the mission in order to provide a simple user interface to the operator with minimal training, while collecting volumes of information for analysis and trending by experts and professionals.

The Analog Test Suite Module uses a telephone handset (STE, or similar) to provide an endpoint interface to simple and complex networks of any size. This handset interface is accessible to all operators and makes testing from large numbers of endpoints possible without the cost of complex network test equipment or the time of data center interfacing. This is ideal for testing end to end connections looking for potential issues and maintaining service level agreements.The IP Security Test Suite provides a suite of Professionals Security Tools with a simple interface that can give tactical, disconnected and low bandwidth environments system-wide security readiness. It is like having an operations center on your platform protecting you from unknown security issues.

The IP Security Module leverages DoD-approved security equipment to provide operators with green (go) / red (no-go) situational awareness of the security readiness of their environment. These systems have special policy controls that interpret security events and provide immediate and reliable readiness information, while simultaneously collecting detailed data for later analysis by an Operation Center or other security professionals. The post- performance trend analysis is then fed back into the policy engine to provide the latest information on threats and vulnerabilities.