Application Hosting/Network Migration

Intelligent Decisions is currently leading the efforts to migrate our client's hosted web applications for both internal and external users into a new environment.  This new environment improves the security posture, efficiency and scalability of the legacy environment through standardization and technology infusion. 

The core facet to this new architecture is a reverse proxy environment which is an explicit proxy for any user accessing these systems.   This environment acts in a similar manner to the department’s explicit forward proxy which our team also implemented to provide a central gateway for all users accessing sites external to the department.  The reverse proxy environment ensures that applications and systems are not exposed to direct connections from end users (internal or external) and that all security protections and policy can be configured and enforced from a central point.  Within the reverse proxy environment, we are performing SSL off load, content inspection (i.e. A/V, malware scanning), intrusion detection and policy enforcement.  The reverse proxy environment connects end users into the standardized web / application / database environment that ID personnel have created that consists of Firewall, load balancing and virtualization services.  This environment allows additional applications / sites to be stood up quickly, efficiently in a very scalable manner and with minimal additional costs as no new infrastructure is required.   The system owners of these applications span across the agency and each of the varying components that comprise this agency.

This effort has also required the reduction and migration from various circuits into this central infrastructure including point to point circuits, leased lines and logical connections (VPN’s).  Intelligent Decisions has been instrumental in working with system owners, telecommunication carriers and end users to ensure minimal down time and increasing customer expectations.