Advanced Networking

Intelligent Decisions is currently building out a new campus Infrastructure for an organization within a Civilian agency. As part of this effort, Intelligent Decisions is procuring all of the hardware and related peripheries for this facility as well as doing the design, engineering and installation of the new network.  Specifically, we are designing and deploying an infrastructure to support AFMS’s development and test environment as well as their end user community.  The solution consists of:

  • Core routing and switching infrastructure to include firewall and Intrusion Detection Services 
  • Integrating 802.11x wireless infrastructure that provides proactive management, plus detection and elimination of rogue Wireless Access Points (WAPs)
  • Anti-virus protection and patch management solution to provide maintenance of baseline requirements for workstations accessing the AFMS production network
  • Enforcing client authentication and posture assessment prior to permitting this orgranization to have network access using a NAC Solution
  • Integrating existing Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Security Monitoring, Analysis & Response System (MARS)
  • Integrating a centralized Network Management Solution with Active Directory and ACS for authentication and authorization
  • Developing required documents and drawings and training existing staff on daily operations of the environment