Remote Employees

As the trend toward a remote workplace and work at home extends the need for appropriate support increases. Intelligent Decisions has been working to develop and document the appropriate remote access procedures that meet requirements and adhere to policies. Our team has installed, operated, tested and maintained these environments to support remote access for multiple end-users. We have strictly adhered to the security administration for remote access hardware and software since this can be an area of vulnerability if not managed carefully. In addition, we currently modifying a client's environment to integrate it with the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) environment that they have established.

Intelligent Decisions is responsible for the Outlook Web Access (OWA) environment that is accessible for their unclassified users at a Civilian client site. In addition, we are responsible for the environment that hosts specific applications for users using this system. These include office automation applications such as Outlook, Shared Drives, SharePoint, Remedy, etc. Within this environment, our team is responsible for ensuring that the overall solution is functioning correctly. We maintain the environment, as well as many of the application environments. For other clients, we maintain the services and applications for users that access the environment via their secure system. These varied experiences provide us exceptional insight into remote access options available. We have firsthand knowledge of what works best in each unique environment that we can share to develop the most robust remote access environment for specific Component environments.

Intelligent Decisions is also currently working on a two-factor authentication solution to host OWA for their organization due to the limitations of the current solution. Should a pandemic occur and most users are required to work remotely, the existing solution does not have the capacity to support the existing user base. Since email is the most widely used application, our team is creating a secure solution that will allow the entire user base to access this system and work remotely.