ID Secure Destruction

ID Secure Destruction specializes in providing customized media sanitization and document destruction services.  Our programs ensure that your organization's valuable data is destroyed in a timely and secure fashion while maintaining compliance with all federal mandates. Our strict chain-of-custody tracking system provides real-time reporting, allowing for complete visibility throughout the entire process.  In addition, our fully trained and cleared technicians will monitor your media and documents from receipt to destruction and provide a certificate of destruction authenticity for your records.

ID Secure Destruction has earned the trust of numerous federal agencies and commercial corporations. Allow us to assist in protecting your most valuable asset…information.

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Media Sanitation and Document Destruction

ID Secure Destruction protects your information, reducing the risk of your valuable information falling into the wrong hands. The risk of information leakage remains a constant threat to government agencies and commercial businesses. Despite improved infrastructures designed to secure information, hard copies of documents are still frequently used allowing for more opportunities for data to be displaced.  ID Secure Destruction offers several options for media sanitation and document destruction.  Our team will assess your needs and recommend a plan best suited to meet the needs of your business.

Mobile/On-Site Document Destruction

ID Secure Destruction secures your documents and media within secure, locked console containers. These containers have been designed to hold up to 100 pounds of documents and/or media and remain locked at all times.  An ID Destruction Specialist will unlock the consoles and move your materials to one of our secure shredding truck on site. All materials are reduced to a non-recoverable form which is then recycled.

In addition, ID Secure Destruction protects documents and media in transit by combining secure real-time tracking and a chain of custody to deliver a higher standard of information protection.  All of our clients are able to watch the entire destruction process from the truck via the on-board closed-circuit television system.

When the process is complete, all clients receive a certificate of destruction confirming date, time and tonnage of items destroyed.

Depot/Off-Site Destruction Services

ID Secure Destruction has invested in the state-of the art, NSA-listed destruction equipment to sanitize and destroy electronic media in compliance with applicable federal regulations. This high tech destruction equipment is located at our Ashburn, Virginia headquarters, where the actual shredding services are performed. ID Secure Destruction’s methods are documented within our ISO 9001: 2008 guidelines and combine both procedural and physical aspects of electronic media sanitization and destruction in a safe and secure environment. Our depot utilizes a chain-of custody system that tracks a unit from pickup to destruction, and is available to our customers via real-time activity reports. 

Our depot has facility clearance with controlled entry and exit points, in addition to full camera coverage. All destruction services are performed by cleared ID personnel, our destruction activities are never outsourced.  Data remains locked in a secure cage until destroyed and is always purged (degaussed) prior to destruction in according to NIST and DOD recommendations. Hard drives are shredded down to a maximum size of 1/4 by 1/4” then the particles are recycled by a R2 certified recycler or E-steward.

Media Sanitation and Document Destruction Compliance

One of the main goals of ID Secure Destruction is to ensure that all of our clients are compliant with federal and commercial. In addition, we are fully bonded and insured and provide a full audit trail for all of our clients in accordance with Federal guidelines.

All services provided are compliant with:

  • (HIPPA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  • (FACTA) Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act Of 2003
  • (GLB) Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • (Sarbanes-Oxley) Public Company Accounting Reform and Investors Protection Act.
  • Litigation Discovery, Computer Forensics and many State/Local identity theft laws.
  • NIST Special Publication 800-88
  • VA Publication 6500.1