Data Loss Protection (DLP)

With an increasingly mobile workforce, protecting confidential and company-sensitive data are top priorities for the Federal Government. Additionally, significant returns-on-investment can be realized through data loss prevention, encryption and monitoring of data at rest (DAR) and data in motion (DIM). To reduce data compromise caused by negligence and theft, ID has developed a seamless, integrated approach that supports the complexity of your organization’s security needs while reducing vulnerabilities and IT costs.  A study from the TheInfoPro and Symantec titled “Why Data Loss Prevention?” found that DLP is the top security initiative and pain point for Fortune 1000 companies today. 

ID’s approach to preventing data loss addresses those concerns directly by assuring IT managers:  Gain visibility into the storage, transmission, and use of confidential information to identify highest areas of exposure; Encrypt employee laptops, desktops, and network communications to ensure secure storage and sharing of confidential information; and Increase employee awareness of data-security standards through real time notification. The results are assurance that sensitive data is protected at rest, and in motion by:

  • Scanning network systems for sensitive data, protecting its confidentiality
  • Monitoring data stored on all computing devices and platforms
  • Protecting data from rogue devices
  • Enforcing security policy for protecting company-sensitive data
  • Reporting status of all compliance initiatives
  • Monitoring DIM (email, webmail, IM, file transfers, web postings, etc,) for data leakage
  • Recovering and restoring lost data